There are several opportunities to profile your company in relation to the conference. Please contact the EWMA Secretariat to get more information about these opportunities.

Conference Bags - €10,000 [SOLD]
The conference bags will be handed out to all participants and provides a high level of exposure for your company. Your logo is shown on the bag along with the conference logo. The type of bag and size of the logo will be decided by mutual agreement. The sponsorship does not include production costs.

Inserts in Conference Bags - €1,000/€2,500 Non-Exhibitor
The conference bags are handed out to all participants. Here you will reach all the participants with your brochure. The maximum size of the insert is a folder of 4 size A4 pages.

Internet Café - €10,000
The internet café consists of 10 computers with internet access, which are available to all participants free of charge.
The sponsorship includes:

  • The right to promote your company as sponsor of the Internet Café
  • Acknowledgement as Internet Café sponsor in the Final Programme with logo
  • Option to decorate the wall behind the internet café with company promotional material (approximately 20 sqm wall space)
  • You choose the default homepage of the internet browsers, the desktop picture and the screen saver

Floor Stickers - €10,000
Floor stickers include your company name and logo and are placed in the exhibition area. The size and amount of stickers will be decided by mutual agreement between the sponsoring company and the EWMA Secretariat.

EWMA App - €7,500
It is now possible to increase your visibility and boost your name recognition using the EWMA App. All participants are able to use the app for networking opportunities and accessing specific information about satellite symposia, exhibitor locations, abstracts, and the scientific programme.

Pen and Notepad - €5,000 [SOLD]
The pens and notepads will be handed out to all participants and will provide a high level of exposure for the sponsoring company. You can design the notepads and pens with your company logo or information about your products or symposium. The sponsorship does not include production costs, which are paid by the sponsoring company.

Wi-Fi Sponsorship - €5,000
Wi-Fi connection will be available to all the conference participants. As sponsor you will get to choose the individual start and landing page. The sponsoring company will be mentioned in the Final Programme.
The sponsorship excludes the Wi-Fi costs.

Pocket Programme - €5,000 [SOLD]
The pocket programme contains the agreed scientific sessions and satellite symposia. The Pocket Programme will be distributed to all participants and will provide a high level of exposure for the sponsoring company. Your advertisement will be printed on the back cover of the Pocket Programme.

Lanyards - €5,000 [SOLD]
Participants are to wear their badges during the conference all time. Lanyards will be handed out ti all participants with their badges. The sponsorship excludes production costs.

Branded Umbrellas €3,000 
The umbrellas will be branded and useful for the participants in a potential London weather and an item the participants can bring with them home.

Branded Hand Sanitizer - €2,500
The branded hand sanitizer will help the participants quickly and conveniently clean their hands after shaking hands and touching things during the conference. The small bottles of hand sanitizer will be packed as inserts in the conference bags. The sponsorship excludes production costs.

Tailor made sponsorships
Please contact us, if you are interested in a sponsorship which is not mentioned in the list above. As we in most cases would be able make a tailor made sponsorship for you.


For more details about sponsor possibilities please contact the EWMA Secretariat.